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UV light & Equipment

Artificial UV Light

Two types of artificial UV light are used to treat Vitiligo: UVA & UVB.

Sunlamps and tanning beds generate UVA. Equipment that generate narrow-band UVB is now preferred while conventional broad-band UVB has lost favor. Some equipment generate a combination of UVA plus UVB, which is somehow similar to sunlight. One example, of this is the "Del Sol 800 Watts Sunlamp." These are examples of websites with information about the "Del Sol 800 watts sun lamp" and tanning beds:

www.HotTanningBeds.com (Oversized tanning beds for both home and commercial use)

Narrow-Band UVB is a relatively new type of light treatment. Narrow band UVB refers to a fluorescent lamp type that is designed to have a high concentration of its output about the wavelength of 310 nanometers, this wavelength is particularly effective in order to stimulate melanocytes. 

These are websites have information about narrow-band UVB equipment:


Adding Novitil to any appropriate UV light schedule is straightforward. The best way to decide what is best for you is by consulting a dermatologist who is familiar with this type of treatment and equipment.

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