How to use Novitil®

Novitil® Usage
DermaBest® Novitil® is an advanced skin preparation for topical use. There are virtually no side-effects associated with its use. It can be added to any appropriate schedule of light treatment. Once a phototherapeutic schedule is defined, adding Novitil® is straightforward (see below). It can be used in combination with standard treatment options like topical steroids, PUVA, etc.

Ingredients: Proteins, Polypeptides, Distilled Water, Glycerine, Aloe Barbadensis, Carboxymethylcellulose, Camphor, Menthol, Kathon and Oligoelements.


Regular use of the product and light exposure is of the essence. Repigmentation is a gradual process. Consistency is the key to success.

Three aspects need to work together in order to obtain positive results:

1) Novitil®
2) Regular daily use.
3) An appropriate schedule of light treatment: either sunlight exposure or an artificial source of Ultraviolet Light.

Sunlight Exposure

For best results, Novitil® should be applied twice a day on a regular basis in conjunction with sunlight exposure. Start with 5 minutes of direct sunlight exposure and increase exposure by 5 minutes per day until reaching 15 minutes a day twice a day (we suggest morning and late afternoon).

Alternatively, sunlight exposure can also be taken once every day. However, Novitil® should still be applied twice a day. Start at 5 minutes of sunlight exposure and increase exposure by 5 minutes per day until reaching 30 minutes.

Exposure time may need to be adjusted according to skin type (see below), age, and previous experience with sunlight exposure. In particular, those with skin types I and II need to be especially careful when adjusting exposure time.
Always burns; never tans (I)
Burns easily; tans minimally (II)
Burns moderately; tans gradually to light brown (III)
Burns minimally; always tans well to moderately brown (IV)
Rarely burns; tans profusely to dark brown (V)
Never burns; deeply pigmented; insensitive (VI)
Find a comfortable position in which you can expose the affected area(s). The rest of the body does not need to be exposed to the sun. You can cover it or use a sunscreen lotion (spf=30 or higher) as a matter of general protection (unlike psoralen Novitil® does NOT make the skin more ‘sensitive’ to sunlight). Alternatively, when it is not possible to take the sun, the areas with white spots can be exposed to infrared light, from a distance of 18″ to 20″ (45 to 50 cm), for half an hour, after each application. However, this alternative light treatment should always be used in the context of regular sunlight exposure, as described in the preceding paragraphs.

Points to remember:

  • In every case apply Novitil® twice a day.
  • Have light exposure only once a day for 30 minutes (or 15 minutes twice a day) depending on what schedule is more convenient for you.
  • Apply Novitil® right before having your light exposure time.
  • Sunlight exposure plus infrared light

Another option is to combine both infrared light and sunlight exposure on a regular basis. You would be using Novitil® twice a day, as mentioned above. The first time, you would apply Novitil® right before taking sunlight, and later on, the second time, you would apply Novitil® and then have infrared light exposure. On those days when there is no sunlight at all, you would use the infrared light on both occasions, right after applying Novitil®. However, infrared light is a complement but not a substitute to sunlight exposure and it should only be used in the context of regular sunlight exposure.

Please note that these instructions apply to the use of Novitil® plus sunlight with or without infrared light. When using artificial ultraviolet light (see below) a professional should be consulted and an appropriate schedule of light treatment should be defined. Once this step has been taken care of, Novitil® can be added to any given schedule of UV light treatment.

An artificial source of Ultraviolet light

Novitil® can be used in combination with an artificial source of Ultraviolet light (instead of sunlight exposure). Please note that artificial ultraviolet light should only be used following directions from an individual who is appropriately qualified, and has experience regarding its use in cases of depigmentation. While tanning sessions are typically taken once a day, 3 times a week, Novitil® should be used daily, twice a day. One of the daily applications should always be made before each exposure to UV light. The second application can be applied as normal.

Exposure time and other aspects will depend on a number of factors including skin type, localization, type of equipment, manufacturer’s instructions, etc.

Typically exposure time is increased gradually. Treatment may be adjusted depending on these factors as well as based on the observed response. It is also important to review the information provided by the manufacturer of the equipment.

General information about the use of tanning beds:

Treatment should always start with a short exposure time, which is increased gradually and progressively, carefully following instructions provided by the manufacturer of the equipment or by a qualified individual.

However, following the exposure time limits indicated by the manufacturer or by a qualified professional alone is not enough. You should also carefully monitor your skin’s response to exposure and not go beyond E1 according to the grading below:

The skin response should not go beyond E1 according to the grading below:
E0 No erythema (erythema is the word for a red skin)
E1 Minimally perceptible erythema (pink)
E2 Marked erythema (red)
E3 Fiery red erythema with swelling
E4 Fiery red erythema with swelling and blistering
This means that time exposure should be carefully individualized and adjusted according to skin response.

Typically tanning beds should be used NO more than three times a week. The 48 hour period between exposures is needed to observe the skin’s response.

How does repigmentation occur?

New color may start from the borders of the depigmented area towards the inside.

Small dots of color may appear inside the affected area and then begin to expand until they cover the whole area.

The entire spot may change color starting with light pink, pink, and light brown until the normal color is recovered.

A combination of any of the above.

Please do not expose the bottle of Novitil® to direct sunlight. Keep it in a cool, dry place.